Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reflections On Family

Mother's personality : Warm, embracing like islands in sun.
Daring, lively and energetic. Everyone adores Mother for her
sweetness of temper and girlish laughter.

Father's personality : An intellectual cheesecake.
Father thinks body is seperate from the soul and
Mother keeps body and soul together like a family.
Sister is blinded by youth and luxury. In her world, the body is
for others to gaze at like a supermodel swanning down the runway. She is yet to discover its soul.

Brother is a philosopher and poet. He does not see body seperate from soul; he embraces the whole. During a philosophical discussion on the eternal feminine, childbirth and the soul. He once said to Father: Human life begins within the womb; the body and soul are forever related; like twins.

Am still thinking about my brother's words. Today I'm reading, eating cheeries in nature, listening to music and nurturing my mind. Have a nice week, everyone. Hope you are all enjoying summer!

Images from my sunday afternoon in the garden.

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