Friday, October 28, 2011

La Saveur Du Champagne

We dance for laughter,
we dance for tears, we dance for madness,
we dance for fears, we dance for hopes,
we dance for screams, we are the dancers,
we create the dreams.
Albert Einstein

Image: My D&G gold pumps. I'm wearing them to drinks, dinner and dance this evening. I adore the sparkly effect. Reminds me of sun twinkling on a crystal vase. Very busy weekend ahead. I shall get to all your lovely blogs Monday/Tuesday. xx

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Designer Talk: René Storck On Creative Inspiration

Rene Storck's dresses evoke feelings of femininity and mystery. They are created for the modern, liberated woman. I purchased four silk dresses at the Paris boutique after seeing his show at Paris fashion week. I'm mad about high-quality fabric - my mother is to be blamed for this. She has taught me everything I know today about the textile industry. She ran her own textile companies before retiring.

There's silk and there is Silk - the dresses I purchased feels like organic body butter cream against the skin - sensuous, luxuriously light and soft. You all know I live in the world of feeling, and that does not exclude shopping for dresses. Life is about intense experiences, my lovelies.

I had the Privilege of meeting Mr Rene Storck in person, The German fashion designer. We had a chat about fashion, inspiration, life and travel. Mr Storck is very engaging with a kind and attractive face, eyes the colour of warm molasses and laughter like the colour of the sun.

What is creative inspiration? Of course we all know that inspiration is a very personal matter. Some designers are inspired by nature and women, others are inspired by the divine, but the best description of inspiration comes from Mr Rene Storck - Inspiration is like magic - think of a butterfly - when it's there - be inspired - when it flies away - travel to Paris and be inspired by Parisian butterflies.

Images: Pink silk dress and red skirt at the Frankfurt boutique,
an unfinished dress on a mannequin and the designer's drawing table, a colourful dress on a mannequin.

English speaking readers are warmly invited to watch an interview with Rene Storck HERE
German speaking readers are invited to read German Vogue's article on the designer HERE

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Paris: Fashion Art And Other Fancies

Autumn is the creative season for the artist - winter is the time for reflection and poetry, spring is for thawing one's mind back to life, and summer is for being amongst the fruits in the wide, open countryside. My grandmother once told me that happiness lies in the fulfilment of the spirit through the body - I'm still trying to emotionally understand my grandmother's quote.xx

Images: En route to flower arrangement course, sculpture by Wanda Pratschke, Jamaican blue mountain coffee with chili peppers and chocolate, autumn fragments from the Parc de Saint-Cloud, a freshly sliced pumpkin from the market for tonight's supper - pumpkin, saffron soup with prawns, ginger and fennel.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

At Paris

Image: Purchased these studded boots in Frankfurt, Germany. They are comfortable, warm and very well-made - a welcome change from ballerinas and brogues. Look forward to wearing these cool boots to the International Contemporary Art Fair in Paris the weekend of 22 - 23 October.

Off to The Parc de Saint-Cloud for a stroll with friends, a stop at the Musée de la Vie Romantique, and to close the evening, a hot chocolate at La Charlotte de l'Isle on the way home. Have a nice week, everyone.xx

Friday, October 14, 2011


What is art? There isn't one satisfactory definition of Art. The most important element of art for me is the emotional and human link between the artwork and myself. Have you noticed that alot of art today lack real emotion? They are made to tickle the senses without any deeper emotional meaning.

I'm not interested in the technicalities of what art is - I'm more interested in the emotion art evokes, and the reasons behind them - happiness, mirth, pain, melancholy, fear, awe, disgust, nostalgia and so forth.

After a James Ensor exhibition my papa, my sister and I were discussing the philosophy of art. He told us art should sharpen one's aesthetic judgement.I sharpen my aesthetic judgement through ballet, photography, long walks in nature, painting on canvas, writing, and playing the piano. How do you sharpen yours?

Images: Artwork Erwin Wurn courtesy of Xavier Hufkens, second by by Markus Seig.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jewellery - Statement Pieces

My mama always told my sister and I that one should always invite one's accessories to the ball. Hence my fondness for hats, statement jewellery, bespoke turbans, silk scarves, hand-made shoes and antique jewellery.

Images: Hand-made American Indian necklaces - I adore the second - coral/crystal and sterling silver. The first is so delicate - I shall wear it with a lime green silk dress to a ball this weekend. The coral/crystal necklace would go wonderfully with a pink cashmere jumper, a well-cut trousers, brown brogues and one of Rene Storck's exquisite bags. Which of the necklaces do you prefer?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Love In A Teapot

Tea, love, flowers should be handled with care. I spotted this teapot whilst swanning about Paris after the madness of fashion week. It appealed to me because it's painted so that one might dream - tea, colours and enduring love. This morning over tea I suddenly realised that some people lack artistic and human delicacy of feeling in love matters. Off for a walk in the silent countryside, lunch with friends, a photography course and piano evening.

Images: My new lovable hand-painted teapot, the view from our house, flowers from the garden. Flowers tend to fill the room with harmony and reverence. I so love cultivating an intimate relationship with nature. xx

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sweet Alchemies And Other Fancies

High heels aren't necessary for a girl to dazzle - ballerinas always invites one to dance. Sadly I'm currently unable to dance. I so miss being a ballerina. To banish my sadness sister dearest sent these stylish footwear round to cheer me up. I adore the marriage of colours, the artistic details and the cut of the ballerina. Indeed. I smiled a sweet smile upon seeing them.

What I'm reading: Various Positions by Martha Schabas. This book is about the beauty and brutality of the world of ballet. Thousand thanks to Ingrid Mida of Fashion Muse for enrinching my life with this artfully written book. Thank you for this beautiful present.

What I'm cooking: Caribbean rice and peas with braised chicken, creole vegetables, duck breast with blackberries and prunes, fried West Indian dumplings with Caribbean spinach.

What I'm painting on canvas: The still-life within my head.

The music that enchants me:Le Salon de Musiques Chamber Schubert Cello Quintet by fellow violinist and friend Maia Jasper. Listen HERE

Footwear images taken by myself. Ballet image by a friend.
Click HERE to visit Maia Jasper's delicious blog. The sun is out today.
Have a happy week, my lovelies;-)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Dresses In Colour by Rene Storck

Image: Dresses in Colour at the Rene Storck boutique in Frankfurt, Germany.
I took this image with the permission of the manager whilst shopping at the boutique on a warm and happy September day.

My lovelies, I thought I'd pop in shortly and wish you all a nice weekend with dresses in colour by my current favourite German fashion designer, Rene Storck. I thoroughly enjoyed his Paris Fashion Week Show - detailed post next week. Click HERE to visit Rene Storck's online boutique or read German Vogue's article on the designer HERE. Which of the colours are you most attracted to?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

After Paris Fashion Week

Here I am in the first picture below by Vogue Black, Italy. Click HERE to visit their website for Paris Fashion Week Recap;-)

I was anxiously awaiting my driver after the Barbara Bui show when this image was taken. My feet were already hurting then. Paris Fashion Week was fun but exhausting. You cannot imagine how tired I am. My poor little feet are hurting - they are actually crying. One must recuperate from the Fashion Carnival, business meetings, dashing from show-to-show and champagne lunches. Back to blogging next week or the week thereafter.

I miss nature, the green country. It's almost six in the morning. I sit by the window and marvel at nature slowly awakening like a new born child, and I give thanks for a new day.

Image: First image by Italian Vogue, second image by David of Nyanzi Report, Jil Sander brogues. I have disabled comments for this post. Feel free to comment on the posts below. All e-mails will be answered after the forthcoming weekend. Off to the country house. Click HERE and HERE for more photos of Paris Fashion Week.

I am not a "Fashionista" nor am I "Chic" - and I'm not always fond of being "elegant", but I adore experimenting with fashion. xx

After the Haider Ackerman Show

First image by David of Nyanzi Report, second Image by Photodiarist

The last picture was taken after the Barbara Bui Show by French photographer and /illustrator, Anne Pome. Click HERE to visit her blog.

Shall catch up on all your lovely blogs later this week. Off to Geneva. In the meantime visit Photodiarist and the Nyanzi Report for their take on Paris Fashion Week. I leave you all with a Smile;-)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Paris Fashion Week - A Carnival of Fashion

I am as mad as birds - idiosyncratic, imperfect, and I don't give a damn.

Very busy swanning around Paris. So I'm sending you all over
to Easy Fashion Paris for more on Paris Fashion Week Darlings. Click HERE to visit Easy Fashion Blog. Image: Myself after the Viktor & Rolf show in Paris. Photographed by Fred of Easy Fashion