Friday, March 30, 2012

When Paris Smiles in Spring

How to recapture some of the surprise and wonder of your inner child? Fall madly, fiercely in love with Paris this springtime.

Image: Here I am looking as mad as a humming bird, and as you all know, humming birds aren't fashionable, stylish nor chic. 'You see, you're an artist, and not quite right in the head,' said the humming bird to me. Image via Fashionistable

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pettifers Gardens, Banbury, Oxfordshire

Images: There is nothing that can rival an english garden. Pettifers Garden is a garden of romance, thoughts and dreams. Have you ever heard of a Botticelli meadow?

We invite you to visit Pettifers Gardens in North Oxfordshire, England. The view from the Botticelli meadow at the bottom of the garden is sure to win your heart. It's especially beautiful during the spring and summer months. Call ahead for an appointment or read Anatomy of a Garden HERE.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Say Hello To My Little Friend...


Dok kucam ove redove, mala, čupava, bela glava, inače zvezda ovog posta, spava naslonjena na moja stopala. Znatiželjno pošalje po koji pogled u pravcu tastature, i nastavi da se zadovoljno meškolji koristeći me kao svoj jastuk. Čini mi se da zna da pišem o njemu.  
A on je...Žika. Dvogodišnji maltezer, i četvrti član porodice Antović. 
Biće koje mi je došavši pre godinu i osam meseci u život, zauvek promenilo pogled na isti. 
U jednom danu postao je naša najveća radost, briga, ljubav i strepnja.
Stoga, odlučila sam da vas u današnjem postu konačno upoznam sa ovim,vrlo bitnim segmentom svoga života. A kako je ovo modni blog, i kako smo se pre današnjeg photo session-a spremali za šetnju, neću vam ostati dužni za par fotografija današnjeg outfita. Žikinog, naravno!:)
Do idućeg posta veliki pozdrav i poljubac od mog usnulog Žikana i mene...

While I am typing these words, a small, shaggy, white head, a star of this post, is sleeping on my feet. From time to time he curiously looks at my keyboard. 
 It seems to me he knows that I am writing about him.
 And he is ... Žika. Two years old Maltese, and the fourth member of my family. 
Little being who forever changed my view of the life. In one day he become greatest joy, care and love of my family. Therefore, I decided to finally meet you with this very important segment of my life. And since this is a fashion blog, there will be a couple of photos of today's outfit. 
Žika's outfit, of course :) 
Until next post greetings and kisses from my sleeping Žika and me...


At The Chanel Party

Image: We had a ball at the Chanel party with the Paris set. Here Julie Ansiau focuses on details of clothing.

It's exquisitely warm today. One can almost taste the spring blossoms -the ideal weather for gardening, reading out of doors, riding, picnic with precious friends, or pack your case and head to South Walney Nature Reserve, Walney Island, Cumbria( don't forget the binoculars).

Ah, to feel the golden sun upon one's back is such a delicious treat after months of sunless winter. I shall sit by the glistening lake this afternoon, and capture the impression of a moment. Warmly wishing you a radiant week.

Friday, March 23, 2012

White shirt, red lipstick and black flats...


Bela košulja, crveni karmin i crni ''špic''. Ovo bi bila moja kratka ''must'' lista onih komada koje bi svaka žena trebalo da poseduje u svom garderoberu. Tako jednostavni a opet tako dovoljni da svaku kombinaciju po potrebi učine formalnom, ležernom, elegantnom, opuštenom, dnevnom, večernjom. Sve u zavisnosti kako i na koji način nadovezujete ostatak kombinacije na osnovu koju čine pomenuta tri komada. Za današnji outfit post upravo jedna od varijacija na temu ''3 ''must'' komada + ... ''. Ovo bi bila neka poslovno-večernja varijanta, idealna za celodneveni boravak na poslu, ali lako transformiva za odlazak na piće, večeru ili nešto treće, nakon posla. 
Kao i uvek sa nestrpljenjem očekujem vaše komentare...
Do idućeg posta veliki pozdrav za sve! Vaša B.  

 White shirt, red lipstick and black pumps. This would be my short ''must'' list of  those pieces that every woman should have in her own wardrobe. Three pieces that are so simple, but so good enough to make every combination so elegant, calssy and formal. So, my today's outfit is a variation on '' 3 must items + ... '' theme. This is my business-evening look, ideal for all day at work, but also easy to transform to combo perfect for a drink, dinner or something else, after work. As always I am looking forward to hear your comments...
Until next post Greetings to all! Yours B.

wearing: shirt: STRADIVARIUS; pants: NEW YORKER; flats:H&M; belt: ZARA;
bag:LOOKAT; necklace:Prodavnica bižuterije ''SJAJ'';

London: The Yayoi Kusuma Exhibition

Life is very busy here at Fashion, Art and Other Fancies this week. We are at The European Fine Art Fair in Maastrich swanning from paintings to antique furniture.

Earlier this month we introduced our new Editor-in Chief, Olivia La Brooy. This week we are leaving you with her review of the Yayoi Kusuma Exhibition at the Tate Modern in London.

I headed over to the Tate this afternoon to take a look at the Yayoi Kusuma exhibition. Supported by Louis Vuitton, the exhibition of Yayoi Kusuma is perhaps Japan’s best known living artist. Set over 14 separate rooms this exhibitions shows since the 1940’s how Kusuma has worked obsessively, developing an extensive body of work that encompasses painting, sculpture, drawing and collage as well as the immersive large scale installations for which she is best known.

A career that has lasted more than 60 years has been represented by a selection of work in this exhibition. We start off with the early paintings dating back to 1929 that are distinctly seen as being a Japanese style of painting. These works of art were very conventional and it was not until later in Yayoi Kusuma’s career that we start to see how she taught herself the European and American avant-garde style.

All the paintings from her early work were on paper using ink, pastel, watercolour, gouache and tempera. They testify to the artist’s constant exploration of form and colour. Her works have a construction of eyes, dots, spiky networks of cilia and tadpole-like forms that suggest spermatozoa. Moving on to the 1950’s her paintings lean more towards large scale canvases that became known as the Infinity Net paintings; Scalloped brushstrokes of a single colour on a contrasting background.

Moving on to a room showing her famous sex and food obsession sculptures, Kusama covers the surfaces of a range of domestic objects such as furniture, clothing and accessories with stuffed fabric phalli. I felt transformed into a surreal dreamlike world in which an internal obsession is projected into the physical realm.­­­­­­­

I found Kusama’s self-obliteration of painting polka dots on each other’s bodies fascinating and used on everything from animals to plants and finally a naked male body with polka dots and leaves.

The next room showed her installations which involved a traditional living room lit by UV lighting and covered in fluorescent sticker spots which were wildly glowing, this was beautiful. It is said that the obsession with the polka dots can be portrayed as being a visualshorthand signifying her hallucinatory visions. I feel that this room may be an attempt to re-stage the experience of her own hallucinatory episodes.

This is a fascinating exhibition allowing you to take a glimpse into a world of such an extraordinary artist. The boldness with such interesting and intense interpretation is a joy to experience and be assured that you will be transformed into Kusama’s world.

The last room was my favourite. I adore ‘moving’ art and this infinity mirrored room was filled with the brilliance of life and created especially for the exhibition so if you are in London, you must take a look! This is Kusama’s largest installation to date and the construction involves a dark room with long circular lights hanging from the ceiling. The lights are multi coloured and change frequently. I felt transformed into a world of bright colour!

The exhibition runs until the 5th of June 2012 and I would advise anyone and everyone who loves colour and those who want to learn more about another culture to attend.

Tate Modern
London SE1 9TG

Opening hours
Sunday – Thursday, 10.00–18.00
Last admission to special exhibitions at 17.15

By telephone
Switchboard: +44 (0)20 7887 8888
Monday – Friday, 09.00–18.00

Written by our new Editor-in Chief Olivia La Brooy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Golden hour...


Oduvek sam bila ljubitelj ''safari'' trenda. Nakon prave invazije jakih boja, ekcentričnih printova i tekstura, uželela sam se nešto mirnijih nijansi i klasičnijeg dizajna. ''Safari'' sa svojim svedenim modelima, prijatnim materijalima i najdivnijim nijansama bež boje, pripada grupi onih nepravedno zaboravljenih modnih epizoda. Nadajući se njegovom skorom (upečatljivijiem!) povratku na svetske piste, kroz današnji post provlačim crtu ovog trenda, pre svega u vidu boja i materijala. Nadam se da će vam se moja interpretacija ''safarija'' dopasti.
Do idućeg posta veliki pozdrav i poljubac za sve!Vaša B.

I've always been a fan of safari trend. After the real invasion of strong colors, prints and textures during this few past seasons, I realy need some calmer tones and more classic design in my wardrobe. Safari trend with its comfortable design and materials and the most magnificent shades of beige, belongs to the one of those unjustly forgotten fashion episodes. As I hope of soon returning of this trend, today's post is dedicate to it. Primarily in the form of colors and materials. I hope that you will like my interpretation of safari.
Until the next post a greeting and a kiss for all! Your B.

 wearing: shirt: MANGO; 
pants: thanks to SUGARLIPS;
trench: MANGO; shoes:BERSHKA; belt: ZARA;

Monday, March 19, 2012

Statement Jewellery

Image by Kingston style: Meet Professor Carolyn Cooper. The head of Literary and Cultural studies at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. I adore her flair, warmth, charm and refined mind. She's the epitome of grace and femininity.

Currently reading "Noises in the Blood" by Professor Carolyn Cooper, a present from my beloved sister. Click HERE to read the synopsis.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

Embrace The Spring...


Danas, manje reči više slika. 
One nekako uvek najviše govore, mada već znate da se reči odričem tek kada imam dobar razlog za to. Čini mi se da su danas nastale fotografije dovoljno dobar uzrok mog ''ćutanja''. 
Proleće je tu... Prigrlite ga, najčvršće, i uživajte... 
Onako kako ste tokom čitave zime maštali da ćete.
Do idućeg posta veliki poljubac za sve. Vaša B.

Today, for you, less words more pictures.
They, somehow, always speak up better, even though, I give up of words just when I have a good reason for it. Today's photos are one of those reasons.
Spring is here ... Embrace it, strongest, and enjoy ...
Just as you have dreamed during the winter.
Until next post big kiss to all. Yours B.

blouse: H&M; pants:ZARA; blazer: PULL&BEAR
shoes: thanks to OASAP.COM (you can find them HERE)
scarf: VINTAGE (MY MOM'S);
sunglasses: NON BRANDED;

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Style Tips: Short Suits

Iako mi kategoričko određivanja ''must have'' komada po sezoni nikada nije bilo omiljena disciplina, ovog proleća menjam stav i pod kategorijom ''neophodno'' smeštam odela sa šorcem umesto pantalona. Brojne interpretacije pomenutog trenda od strane najvećih imena svetske dizjnerske scene dokazuju da se radi o pravom modnom imeprativu sezone. Za bojazan da će aktuelnost pomenutog komada iščeznuti zajedno sa krajem sezone proleće/leto 2012, jednostavno nema mesta, jer se ovde vraćamo čistoj neprolaznoj klasici. Vodeći se time, još pre dobrih mesec dana osmislila sam svoju verziju opisanog trenda, prepustivši krajnju realizaciju svojoj šnajderki teta Miri. Sada sa ogromnim nestrpljnjem čekam dovoljno tople dane ne bih li ponela svoje novo odelo u nežnoj ''breskva'' nijansi (trenutno je u pripremi i jedno u teget boji u mornarskom stilu). Namerno vam spominjem šnajderku, jer mi se čini da ćete sa ovim trendom najekonomičnije proći uoliko se opredeliti za handmade momenat. Ne toliko zahtevan kroj i dostupnost vrlo kvalitetnih materijala za potrebe ovakvog modela, idu vam na ruku, te uoliko imate vešte ruke u blizini, ne dvoumite se previše. I za kraj, ono što me je posebno privuklo ovom trendom, jeste njegova prilagodljivost prilikama, dobima dana i raspoloženju. Vidim ga kao posebno pogodnog za devojke koje su celog dana u pokretu i kojima je potrebna ekspresna transformacija iz dnevnog u večernji izgled. 
Dakle:  praktično, ekonomično (u jednom dobijate dva), nosivo, šik a opet udobno
Jednostavno, jedan od onih modnih momanata koji ne smete propustiti. 

Two words for today: shorts & suites. After a long time, I realy fall in love with one trend and I can truly say this is my choice for the next season. I find it very classical, but in the same time very refreshing. Also, I think it's very adjustable for various occasions and moods, and great for girls who are always in rush (you can easy transform this piece from the day look to the look for night).
 I already have one in peach color, and I am waiting for a second one that will be in navy blue
How do you see this trend? Would you wear it in the next season?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Viva La Vida...


Nakon kratkog blog-predaha, evo me ponovo na istoj ''frekvenciji'' sa novim nedeljnim outfit postom. Ovog puta moj odabir garderobe vođen je onom tradicionalnom nedeljnom željom za udobnošću, te se široki džemper sa u kombinaciji sa omiljenom karo košuljom i starkama nametnuo kao logičan izbor. Kada smo već kod džempera, za koji  već sada mogu reći da predstavlja jedan od onih komada koji nose epitet ''večni'' bez obzira na aktuelne trendove i smenjivanje sezona, zadovljstvo mi je da vas obavestim da vas na čeka popust od 20 % uz korišćenje posebnog koda: BRAN20. U pitanju je specijalizovani kod za čitaoce Divine World-a uz koji ćete imati popust na sve kupljene artikle do 30. aprila. Nadam se da ćete iskoristiti ovu finu mogućnost, i obradovati sebe nekom od sjajnih stvarčica sa ovog online modnog kutka. A nadam se da će vam se dopasti i moje poigravanje sa crvenom, tegetom i krem bojom u ovom outfit postu. Do idućeg veliki pozdrav i poljubac za sve! Vaša B.   

After a short blog-break, here I am again on the same ''frequency'' with a new Sunday outfit post. This time my wardrobe selection is guided by the traditional Sunday desire for comfort, so a wide sweater from Sheinside. com in combination with my favorite shirt and Converse sneakers was the logical choice. Speaking of sweater, it is my pleasure to inform you that you can save 20% off by entering coupon code:BRAN20 at checkout for any of pieces from This code is exclusive for my readers and will be expired April 30th. I hope you will take this fine opportunity, and delight yourself with some great little thing from this online fashion corner. And I hope you will like my  way of playing with red, navy and cream color in this outfit post. 
Until next greeting and a kiss for all! Your B.


P.S. hvala mojoj J. za sjajne fotografije <3

wearing: shirt: CORTEFIEL
sweater: thanks to SHEINSIDE. COM;
pants: ZARA; sneakers: CONVERSE; bag: BIMBA&LOLA;

Fashion, Fantasy, Art

Leading image:
Cathedral by Belgian ceramic sculptor Johan Creten. One can easily relate to Johan Creten's take on artistic inspiration below:
It comes from the gut. It's like a kind of instinct, where you combine feeling with experience. For me, history and the links to it are important. I want to tell old stories in a different way, so they make sense today.

Images: Trurt everyone enjoyed the weekend. We had a very busy one. Had eight guests round for a formal dinner Saturday night ( first course pictured above). Added the final touches to a painting I've been working on for a few months ( see above piece).

Wore my new shoes to the Johan Creten exhibit Friday evening, had coffee with friends Saturday lunchtime at a lively streetside cafe. I love the cafe life here in Paris. It inspires one to paint. The last picture was painted by my busy little hands. Wishing everyone a sparkling week. Follow our blog via Bloglovin HERE

Words for thought by Jean Cocteau: Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time.