Wednesday, August 31, 2011

5 Things From My Studio

Luxury is taking time to celebrate the beautiful and the sublime. Today I'm luxuriating in love, warmth, sun and solitude. Hope you enjoy the pretty fancies below. Have a sweet day, my lovelies. xx

Images: Limoges antique teacup ( 100 years old), candles along with scissors on a gold tray, books at a window, my watch on an antique saucer, shells from my last seafood supper.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Paris, Cycling To Lunch

Sometimes I dream of food and wake up feeling like rum poached figs. Is there a better way to start the day? I think not!;-)

At Lunch: Clear skies, birds and flowers dressed in colours bright,

steamed vegetables, green and orange alike, served with French bread and red wine.

Restaurant's Location: High up a winding street of Montmartre.

Image: Myself en route to lunch. I love these handmade shoes.

They are ideal for cycling, swanning around the city and evening strolls.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yesterday, After Cultural Delights

Images: Allow me to introduce my new bespoke turban. Picked it up at the milliner's today; I'm doing a happy dance in my drawing room now. The reason I'm fond of bespoke turbans and hats is because they are very individual, made to one's measurements, which ensures a perfect fit, and uniqueness.

Necklace; present from my mama, Carrera sunshades, white tee, jacket present from my papa. Prada heels, green ballerinas and summer sandals, skirt purchased in Vienna. Images taken in Vienna.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

At Lime Kay, Jamaica

Images: Myself at Lime Cay, Jamaica, sailing with friends at Lime Cay, A street vendor selling fresh coconut water, the hibiscus flower of Jamaica, fresh papaya. Wishing all my sweet blog friends a wonderful weekend.xx

Monday, August 22, 2011

Flirting With My Inner Muse

Both my happiness and unhappiness I owe to the fondness of pleasure. I adore that special feeling when pleasure floods the senses like sunshine streaming through a hotel room.

It's meant to be summer here in Germany, but the weather, like the eternal feminine, is in a very capricious mood today. These photographs were taken after a pleasurable brunch with a friend. Have a nice week.xx

Images: Myself in Mainz, Germany.xx

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nothing Tastes As Good As A Summer Read

What I'm thinking:

Every outer event has its inner meaning.

What I'm reading: Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys which was set in Jamaica in the 1830s. A thousand thanks toInstitute Le Rosey for thinking of me on my birthday this year and for this brilliant read which was inspired by Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Laced with passion, lust, obsession and the loneliness that comes with raging emotions.

"I looked at her and I saw her face crumple up as she began to cry. We stared at each other, blood on my face, tears on hers. It was as if I saw myself. Like in a looking-glass."

What I'm cooking: Spicy chicken tagine with apricots, rosemary and roasted ginger, sauteed spinach with orange and almonds, chickpea salad with onions and paprika.

What I'm listening to: Car doors opening and closing, the distance bark of a dog, the almost unbearable noise of high-pitched voices, a child crying.

What I did before noon: Painted life on canvas in solitude.

What I'm longing for today: The Caribbean Sea but I have the twin-nippled mountains here to comfort me. Image: taken at my balcony in the setting sun. What are you currently reading besides fashion magazines;-)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How To Dress For A Summer Weekend

Summer weekends are for sailing, letting one's hair down, champagne on the back deck, love in the afternoon, music festivals, picking sunflowers, painting one's nails orange and green, full-moon parties with precious friends, reading books by Anais Nin, wearing radiant beach-inspired colours and bejewelled ballerinas.

Images: Vintage dior bag, my favourite summer dress, bejewelled ballerinas, second image: pink cashmere/silk jumper, third image: shoes by Mui Mui.

Something To Tell You

Watchful and nervous, like one in search of uncertainty, doubtful, impatient, restless, always with blackberry in hand, drinks, eats and smokes hurriedly, listens partially, drives at the highest speed, smiles too swiftly like a 100meter sprinter at a track and field game. His hair, which was once the colour of the buttercup flower, is almost grey from tension, bitterness, sadness, and the pain of having a wife who betrayed him.

There is no bleaker moment in the life of man than when he discovers that his beloved wife is singing the corrosive hymns of alcoholics, killing the inner organs and human love, blurring the memory, filling the body with anxiety and the house with a brutal drumming.

He met her at the bar at which she worked. They drank heavily during the first years of being together without knowing that alcohol heightens passion like the rush of illegal drugs. During a philosophical discourse I once asked him what was the motivational factor for him to marry and his reply was: "Passion."

Passion alone is not love, naked desire is not love, trust on its own is not love. Sadly, he has spent half his life trying to love, but often mistakes passion mingled with excessive alcohol for enduring love, so whenever he feels he has had a brush with enduring love, he cuts himself away from his lover like a doctor cutting the umbilical cord of a new born child.

I think they have damaged their souls by throwing emotional atom bombs at each other. She hates him and he hates her. Hate always destroyes. They are divorcing.It is the best for both. He met a girl last December. Let's see where that goes....

Image: En route to publisher/agent, vintage shopping, luncheon and art preview.

This story is based on a couple I once knew.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dressing For Oneself

Images: Bespoke turban, prada sunshades, gold earrings, linen top, creole flower gold cuff, antique crocodile bag, silk skirt by Rene Lezard, handmade shoes by Rocco P. Wishing everyone a happy Monday and a glamorous week. xx

Friday, August 5, 2011

Let This Moment Stay...

Being idle is such a luxury. It allows one time to paint, to laze about under the orange trees, to swing in a hammock, to dance about in sunlight, in shadow, and by moonlight.

The painting below is the result of my relaxing at the beach in Barbados contemplating the ingredients of summer. Ah, happy thoughts are bursting in my head like high-pitched laughter, and I can smell the scent of crushed flowers, gloves, orange blossom and ginger. Hope my artistic composition brings the feeling of summer to everyone. xx

Image: Summertime, Barbados, 2011, made by my busy little hands;-)