Friday, October 14, 2011


What is art? There isn't one satisfactory definition of Art. The most important element of art for me is the emotional and human link between the artwork and myself. Have you noticed that alot of art today lack real emotion? They are made to tickle the senses without any deeper emotional meaning.

I'm not interested in the technicalities of what art is - I'm more interested in the emotion art evokes, and the reasons behind them - happiness, mirth, pain, melancholy, fear, awe, disgust, nostalgia and so forth.

After a James Ensor exhibition my papa, my sister and I were discussing the philosophy of art. He told us art should sharpen one's aesthetic judgement.I sharpen my aesthetic judgement through ballet, photography, long walks in nature, painting on canvas, writing, and playing the piano. How do you sharpen yours?

Images: Artwork Erwin Wurn courtesy of Xavier Hufkens, second by by Markus Seig.

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