Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Girl As Mad As Birds...

1. Describe your personality
As mad as the hummingbird

2. What's your public style
I'm still trying to define it...

3. Private Style
Barefoot elegance

4. How do you handle boredom
Boredom is unfamiliar to me

5. Happiness is...
Freedom, love and philosophical contemplation

6. What do you do for relaxation

I play the violin, meditate and flirt with nature

7. Which forms of exercise do you enjoy most
Riding, walking, ballet, polo, rowing

8. Name two philosophers you admire
Friedrich Nietzsche and Epicurius

9. What keeps you grounded
Dancing and cooking

10. What keeps you motivated
The gravity of Life

11. Fashion tip
Be a leader not a follower

12. I write beacuse....
I'm in love with Words and their meanings.

Images: Hummingbird and myself before dinner wearing long silk skirt.

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