Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Style Me Colourful

Here are some links for your weekend reading. I especially enjoyed the interview with Tom Ford and the Colour Blaster video.

(1 ) Fashion & art news/links:
Does Vogue's influencer network exploit fashion bloggers? Read the article in its entirety HERE

( 2 ) I am really a loner afterall:
Interview with Tom Ford. Read the interview HERE

( 3 ) Paint yourself happy with this Colour Blaster video HERE

( 4 ) Sad news for the art world. Lucian Freud died on Wednesday. Read more on his life and paintings HERE

Images: Meet fellow island girl Kezia Frederick. A graduate of Central St Martins, fashion and textile designer. Am adoring the bold textiles and the way she flirts with different patterns. I feel transported back to the West Indies. The first image is my favourite. I know the second is a bit mad, but therein lies its uniqueness;-)

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