Thursday, September 8, 2011

At The Close Of Summer

People appear happy and relaxed when the sun is shining. I'm trying to recall my first memory of sun, but it's difficult. There is no control over memory, but I can still recall the mangoe tree at the estate. As a child, I would climb the mangoe tree, sit amongst the branches in the shade of the leaves; away from the scortching sun, and dream of my mama's mangoe icecream.

To banish the memory of yesterday's rain, the dripping, sad trees in the garden, and Wednesday's disappointment. I asked a friend round for home-made bouillabaisse and honeycomb griddle cakes. Afterwards we went out for a spot of icecream, people watching and cafe reading.

Image: A gloriously warm day spent with a friend.
Here's wishing everyone a sunny weekend. xx

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