Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baiser Fruité

Ah, I am flirting with my inner child today. It's important for the creative spirit to be playful. Without playfulness one's senses would be permanently asleep.

Image: It is believed that the turban is now considered 'trendy' - I think I ought to seriously re-consider wearing turbans from this day onwards.

For Caribbean women, ornamentation has always played a great role in fashion culture; elaborate headwraps, bespoke turbans and hats, sparkling jewellery, luminous colours and so forth.

During my childhood, I always saw mama and grandma swanning around the estate wearing hand-made turbans the colour of sunsets, like queens and goddesses of African nations.

The adornment of one's head with a turban has nothing to do with being 'trendy'. It's a playful way to punctuate the silhouette, and it's also an expression of who I am. My culture, heritage and upbringing. Someone has to continue this noble tradition before the turban 'trend' goes up in flames.

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