Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cooking for Friends

It's fearfully cold out today in Gstaad, but it's marvellous to be amongst the snow. One of things I particularly adore during the winter months is cooking. It's a simple way of nourishing oneself, a sort of protection from the harshness of winter, especially after a round of skiing with friends.

Last night, after an afternoon of skiing, I invited friends round for a soup party.
Naturally everyone was exhausted and rather ravenous after all the frolicking in the snow, but everything went quickly and smoothly. I decided to make a spicy lentil soup with carrots, butternut, kohlrabi, ginger, lime and ripe plantains for supper.

Soaked the lentils in water overnight. Cooked butternut, lentils and kohlrabi together. Fried ripe plantains in seperate pan. Add fried plantains to mixer and mix with a tiny spot of cream. Add plantain mixer to soup pot. Cook slowly for 30 minutes on low flame. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the soup party. After the meal we danced to the beat of calypso music until the sun rose over the white mountains.

Image via Behance. Try making your version of the lentil carrot soup at home. I added plantains, butternut, kohlrabi, lime and ginger to the mix. Do add your favourite vegetables to the classical lentil/carrot soup pot.

For an online recipe on how to make carrot/lentil soup click HERE

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