Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunshine Award & Fashionable Tales

Ah, it's a glorious Monday. Today's post is dedicated to Sabine of Psynopsis. Don't you just adore the title of her blog and its contents? A very creative and artistic mind topped off with a highly intuitive nature and a delightful personality.

She's fond of tennis, travel, gold and silver heels, fashion and the English countryside. I wouldn't miss her DIY projects if I were you.

Am sending you over to her Blog for a spot of humour, fashionable tales and tea. Don't worry if you are not a tea drinker. There's enough cupcake and macaroon for everyone;-)

Thank you, Sabine, for the Sunshine Award. So sweet of you to think of me. I shall post 10 blogs for the Sunshine Award later this week. Images : The incredibly stylish, Sabine.

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