Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Artist, Toni Frissel

Here are faces that I have found memorable. If they are not all as happy as kings, it is because in this imperfect world and these hazardous times, the camera's eye, like the eye of a child, often sees true. ―Toni Frissell
Frissel, the eminent American photo-journalist and Vogue's first female staff photographer. Frissel began her professional career as a fashion photographer for Vogue from 1931 - 1942 and Harper's Bazaar from 1941 - 1950. My sister kindly pointed out over tea this morning that Toni Frissel also volunteered with the American Red Cross, and that in 1953 she became Sports Illustrated first female staff member. For those interested. Read more on Toni Frissell HERE.Image by Toni Frissel.

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