Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A cupcake or Two

Image by Martina Voigt:
Twin sister and I were busy in the kitchen on Sunday baking chocolate/orange cupcakes. She told me that the cupcake became popular after Carrie Bradshaw bit into one on Sex and the City.

Silly me, I didn't even know that. What I do know is that the term cupcake was first mentioned as far back as 1796 in American Cookery book by Amelia Simms, which we stumbled upon in the study.

We actually baked our cupcakes in individual pottery cups rather than muffin tins. This was the method of baking cupcakes before muffin tins became the norm. For a modern take on cupcakes I suggest using the muffin tin.

Spring is such a playful season. Throw a cupcake party with precious friends, add a little light music, few pots of golden tea, champagne, good weather and you're good to go. Online recipe HERE

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