Monday, February 20, 2012

Fancy Feet

My friends and I passed the afternoon on Saturday colouring our worn shoes and nibbling on aged cheese. After hours of shoe colouring, two bottles of French wine and sweet laughter. C, my childhood friend, suggested we hang the freshly painted footwear in the lone tree outside her house, like artworks in the Mona Bismarck Foundation in Paris.

'Winter is so dull', she told us. 'One must be creative in this season even if it means colouring one's shoes a bright neon/orange, and hanging them in the tree to startle the equally dull neighbours'. We all laughed merrily at this, like children.

First and third images were taken outside the shows at Paris couture week.The second image was taken on Saturday. Trust everyone had a nice weekend. Here's to a positive week. xx

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