Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paris: Monday evening's supper

Family. The aunt is currently in Paris from London. We spent the day swanning from coffee houses, antiquarian book shops, flea markets, jewellery stores, art galleries, restaurants, with a final stop at the young designer's boutique, Claudine Ivari.

I assure you I was exhausted after this roll call of events. We had planned on dining out, but opted for an informal round- table supper at the house.

Sister made Asparagus and cheese blinzes for the main course, and I made Sachertorte for the pudding course, brother made Caribbean-style spinach with roasted almonds for the first course. The Sachertorte was quite a challenge....

It isn't the easiest dish to prepare. I shall follow my aunt's advise: No excellence can be aquired without constant practise. Advise noted. Sachertorte baking party already planned for March. xx

Image: Asparagus and cheese blintzes. Too delicious not to share with you all. Online recipe HERE

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